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If you want to win an important court case, you don’t google “how to win a court case” and try to figure it out on your own do you? Doing business with the government is no different. Don’t waste your time, money, and sanity learning this lesson the hard way. Your goal is to find, win, and manage government contracts without the frustration and hassle. You need expert assistance each step of the way. You need affordability. You need service on your terms.  WELCOME TO CRAWFORD OLIN: YOUR FEDERAL CONTRACTING ARM.

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Our team has decades of experience working on BOTH sides of the federal procurement process: as Federal Contracting Officers responsible for awarding hundreds of millions in government contracts, and also as a private sector sellers of millions in products and services to the federal government. Crawford Olin understands exactly what contracting officers are looking for when making purchasing decisions AND what it takes for companies to successfully win and perform on contracts. We know federal contracting. We know strategy. Learn more about us here.


We understand that your company wants to successfully find, win, and manage government contracts. We also understand that in real life you also have a business to run, customers to satisfy, and employees to manage; responsibilities that may result in the constraint of resources left available to pursue additional efforts (such as doing business with the government). Because of this, we offer our services in a way that gives YOU the autonomy to select the terms of your service and ability to name your own price. When we say, "Service on YOUR Terms", we mean it.


Our competitors usually fall under 3 groups: 1) PRICE firms - who claim to have won their clients gazillions but are also super-expensive and use lots of fine print in their contracts. 2) GOVERNMENT SPEAK firms - who confuse you by speaking the government's jargon-filled language with their goal being to keep you dependent on their service. 3) LACK OF EXPERIENCE firms - who claim to know exactly how to help you win contracts—only they really can’t. We get results, aren't expensive, believe in simplicity, and have the experience to back it up. Simply put, we stand alone.

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